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How to Create More Visual Content for Your Marketing (and Why You Should)

Blog posts and written content are always going to be a great way to maximize on search results, but nowadays there are more people than ever watching video and scrolling social media. The biggest problem businesses have in creating visual content is knowing what to share, how to make their content, and how much content to make. 

It can be overwhelming to learn more about investing time into platforms like Instagram and YouTube only for experts to tell you that you should be uploading three times a day to Instagram and once daily to YouTube – how are you supposed to run and grow your business and create hours of viewable content? Today, I’m going to give you some top tips for creating more content for your audience to consume, without consuming all your time. 

First, Why Create Visual Content?

You’re in the dentist’s office waiting for your appointment – what are you doing? You might be flicking through the magazines or reading a book on your phone, but all likelihood is that you’ve opened Facebook or Instagram and you’re looking at what your friends, family, and favorite influencers and brands are doing. 

That’s why you want to create visual content – to maximize the amount of time your audience sees you. You have an opportunity to forge a connection with your audience, and if you don’t, your competitors will. If you’re catering to a younger audience there’s also a high likelihood that they’re dividing their watch time at home between YouTube and streaming services like Netflix and Prime, so creating long-form content may also be the right decision for you. 

Do I Have to Create Visual Content?

No, and perhaps if you’re in quite a “dry” B2B (business-to-business) space like manufacturing, it won’t be worth your time. If creating content will pull you away from actually serving your customers, then it also won’t be worth it, but if you use our tips below you’ll be able to create effective content quickly. 

5 Tips to Create More Visual Content 

  • Go Live 

Social media platforms absolutely love video content, especially live video. While all other forms of organic reach have become more difficult, social media platforms are still organically promoting video on their platforms. 

Not only is live currently shared more freely on social media platforms, but it takes less work to jump on your live and update your followers on what you’ve got going on. While it’s good to have a topic in mind, you can simply go live and answer audience questions for 10+ minutes to make a connection and answer their questions. 

  • Stop Worrying About Production Quality 

There are only two factors that your audience truly cares about when it comes to your visual content; they want to be able to see what you’re sharing and hear you if it’s video. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone that produces good or even great photos and videos. If you’re creating content sitting in front of your camera, the sound quality should be good too, but an external mic is an inexpensive investment that will improve your video quality massively. 

That’s all you need; you don’t need fancy sets, scripts, or lighting. As long as you’re communicating the value in your images or videos, that’s all they really care about. Natural lighting is great for images, but if you’re stuck for a post, a free stock image will fill in your slot nicely. 

  • Make Your Posts in Bulk 

Don’t try to squeeze in time to make a post every day – unless you’re utilizing live videos, of course. There are tons of scheduling tools like Planoly, Hootsuite [link:] and Tailwind [link:] that will let you schedule posts on social media months in advance – so put aside a day or two a month to take and schedule your image posts. 

YouTube has a scheduling tool built-in, so you can easily bulk upload videos and schedule them for the week or month ahead. This means you can set aside a few days to create your content and then focus on serving your customers. 

  • Outsource 

What about if you just don’t have the time but know you need to be sharing content? Outsource your content production or other jobs that are preventing you from creating content. It can be scary to hand over control to someone else initially, but outsourcing really is the only way your company is going to grow. Yes, you can keep it small for a long time, but once you start outsourcing and find someone who is a great part of your team, you’ll regret not giving up control sooner. 

  • Keep it Casual 

Many businesses have found that as their content quality goes from just “great” to “professional”, audience engagement actually drops. Why does this happen? Because customers like to connect with people they feel are like them when it comes to online content. Yes, there are certain niches where this is not the case, but for the majority of niches it is, so you don’t need to set up green screens or sets to do well. Simply turn on the camera and get talking. 

Creating more content is all about letting go of your inner perfectionist and control freak and instead focusing on simply serving your audience. Give them the content they want – you don’t have to over-deliver. For most audiences, they’d rather have 7 “less than perfect” videos from you in a week than 1 perfect one. And, if you’re not sure what they want, just ask them! 

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