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6 Reasons to Treat Your Customers Like Gold

We’ve all heard the saying “the customer is always right”, and while that is certainly not always true, the principle behind it certainly is true when it comes to your core, ideal customers. Customers can be wrong, but if they are your perfect ideal customer, those instances will be almost unheard of. 

Your ideal customers are the customers you love working with, who pay you well for what you do, who don’t take up an unnecessary amount of your time, and who refer you on to other customers just like them. In short, a handful of ideal customers not only means you’ll perfect your niche – and be well known within it, but you’ll also love working. 

Of course, you can rarely tell an ideal customer from an “okay” one when they first arrive at your door – you’ll have to work with them at least a few times before you’ll have a clear idea of whether or not this customer is one you need to prioritize – and one thing can sour a potentially amazing customer fast if you don’t have a good grasp on it: customer service. 

Customer service is not just answering questions and queries when things go wrong, it’s also about delivering your product or service on time, being attentive to their needs, answering questions promptly, and setting clear boundaries so when you go above and beyond for them they appreciate that you have gone the extra mile. 

So why should you focus on customer service above all else in your business? Here are 6 reasons to offer great customer service, even if it’s the part of your business you hate doing. 

  1. No Customers = No Sales = No Business 

A lot of customers will put up with sub-par customer service if they don’t have to interact with you often and they get the desired result, but eventually they are going to find a competitor who does exactly what you do and offers great customer service. 

  1. Great Customer Service Gets People Talking 

Zappos, the online shoe retailer, experienced exponential growth after it was founded in 1999. The founder, Nick Swinmurn, left just over six years later in 2006, just two years before Zappos reached $1 billion in sales in 2008. How did he turn a simple online shoe retailer into a revenue-generating machine? He knew the importance of serving his customers and under-promising and over-delivering. 

Zappos spread via word-of-mouth like wildfire because their service was so good – products were always delivered days earlier than the customer expected and the service was top-notch. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most valuable form and it isn’t something you can engineer – so it’s well worth creating a service worth talking about.  

  1. Outstanding Customer Service Builds Customer Loyalty 

Most of us will pay more to get reliable, great service. When your car needs a service do you take it to the guy across town who will do it all for $10 and a six-pack out the back of his house, or pay a premium for the certified mechanics at the dealership to do it? When it comes to cars, we’re always willing to pay more for great service from businesses we trust, and that principle is the same in every industry on the planet. Outstanding customer service that builds trust will get you customers who come back again and again and aren’t lured away by lower prices. 

  1. You Can Charge More 

To build on our last point, customers in most industries and niches will pay more to guarantee a higher level of service. When you are well known in your field for being the company that provides the best level of customer care, you will be able to charge more for that service. Conversely, companies with expensive pricing and bad – or even lackluster – customer service see their customers drop like flies. You have to be the only business available to get away with subpar service and the moment a competitor arrives your customers will jump ship. 

  1. Great Customer Care Reflects Your Company’s Culture 

Whether you’re a company of one or one thousand, your customer service will reflect your company’s values and what your inner culture is like. If you’re a lone entrepreneur, it’s unlikely you can maintain a high level of friendly customer care if you’re struggling, tired, and sick of your customers. If your employees are unhappy in their positions, the same feelings will come through in their interactions with your customers. Value your customers and that will reflect back on the way you care for your own company. 

  1. Incredible Customer Care Helps You Grow 

When you don’t prioritize your customer service you’ll deal with any interaction as fast as possible just to get the problem or inquiry off your plate. While this won’t seem like a problem since you dealt with the problem or question in a way that satisfied the customer, you aren’t pausing to think about how you could serve your customers better or “close doors” to those customers you don’t want to serve. 

For example, if you need to provide support for a customer you can follow up after fixing the problem to ask how you think it could have been avoided. Often, a simple PDF or extra email is all you need to provide your customers with the information they need, and that’s easy and cheap to implement. They may also provide you with information that could lead you to better your offering to serve them. 

Alternatively, if you’re getting the “wrong” customers, spending a little time analyzing how what attracted them to your product, or what red flags you missed in initial communications, can help you avoid working with troublesome clients in the future. When you cull out these time-consuming “wrong” clients, you’ll have more time to grow and serve the clients you love. 

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