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5 Ways to Scale and Grow Your Small Business ASAP

Everyone wants growth. All entrepreneurs work hard to achieve their vision of a bigger company, a notable brand, and of course, substantial paychecks. The thing is, while everyone wants that explosive growth and loves to listen to success stories of companies that went from one entrepreneur to thirty employees in one year, the reality is different. 

Running your business is hard – you’ve got to do everything and you’ve got to do it well. And, to grow and scale, you’ve also got to know (or intuitively know) which next steps are the best to take and when. While some of this will certainly be down to gut feeling and knowing when a leveling up in your business has occurred for good – and thus its time to bring on another team member – you need to be the one steering the vehicle toward that growth. 

So how do you do that? Here are 5 ways to scale and grow your business as soon as possible. 

5 Ways to Scale and Grow Your Business ASAP 

  1. Automate Basic Processes & Systematize 

If you’re spending hours a day or a week managing menial tasks a piece of software or an employee could do, you’re wasting valuable time. If you want to grow and survive your growth, you need to quickly set up systems that allow your team members to complete their work without any handholding. Now is the time to set up automation software and systems to manage your workflow more effectively. These systems don’t have to be elaborate – even just a bullet point guide in Google docs is better than having to guide someone through it yourself. 

  1. Know Where Your Strengths Lie 

Ready to learn something shocking? Sustainable growth does not come from simply serving more customers. Yes, you will likely need to serve more people or businesses in order to grow, but if you’re just focused on getting in as many new customers as possible, you’re failing to see the big picture. 

You should know who your ideal customer is (the ones you love working with and pay you what you’re worth) and focus all your efforts on serving those customers as best you can – tailor your products or services to better meet their needs. Rely on your strengths and use them to set yourself apart from the competition that tries to do everything or that does something different. 

  1. Fire Bad Customers 

Yep – it’s time to build on the last point with the one most small business owners won’t do. If you want to be an entrepreneur and not just a small business owner, you have to become comfortable with thinking about your company as an entity in of itself, and not just the thing that has to pay your bills. 

Your company is like a plant, and if you don’t weed it and prune off the diseased parts, you risk stumping its growth or even killing the plant altogether. That’s what bad customers are – they’re the weeds and diseased parts. These customers may be nice people, but they aren’t right for your company. They take up too much of your time, they don’t know what they really want or need, and they’re not willing to pay you properly. If you’re spending a huge amount of time supporting the low hanging fruit, you’re not serving customers who really grow your business. 

It’s time to get out the shears and prune those bad bits off – either tell those customers you can no longer serve them or make a change that will force them to go elsewhere, such as raising your pricing or eliminating these offerings. Sometimes, these customers will step up and become better customers because of this, so don’t panic. 

  1. Build or Outline Your Sales Funnels 

Every business with customers has a sales funnel, they just may not know it yet. The term sales funnel is most heavily used for businesses that sell their products or services directly online, but you can also be aware of your funnels and use them effectively if you’re a business that has to make sales via email, on the phone, or in person. 

A sales funnel is simply the way you reach new customers – ones that haven’t heard of you – and take them to the point where they buy from you. When you have some spare time, grab a pen and paper or a flowchart software and draw out your funnel/s. Add new ones, where possible. Have you been meaning to set up a pop up on your site to get more newsletter sign-ups? Add that funnel and schedule a time or hire someone to implement it. 

  1. Implement a Loyalty or Referral Program 

Customer loyalty schemes aren’t just for product-based stores and referral programs aren’t just for services. Start brainstorming about a great way to implement a loyalty program or referral scheme into your business to encourage your best customers to refer you to another great customer. Make it so good that they won’t be able to keep you to yourselves – some customers will want to keep you as their little secret and you need to “force” them to share you by giving them a referral program that’s too good to refuse. 

Similarly, a great loyalty program will make you the go-to vendor for their purchases. Why shop somewhere else when they can get XYZ with you? You need to make these decisions no-brainers for your best customers. 

While the list of things you can do to grow your business is almost infinite, implementing these 5 things well will help you hit the turbo-boost for your business. Remember that nothing will change if you don’t start taking action, so go and put these points into action now – or schedule a time to do so. If you don’t, your business will stay exactly the same size it is now. 

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